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Cheap flights to South Africa

Searching for flights to South Africa? At cheap flights to South Africa you will find all that you need to know about cheap flights and cheap tickets to South Africa and its most important cities such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and other notable ones. We not only offer extensive details on the country itself but also provide cheap Flights to South Africa from London.  For instance, with us you can shop for cheap tickets to Johannesburg, cheap airfares for Cape Town, cheap Durban flights and a whole extensive range of cheapest South Africa airfares.

With its Sparkling beaches, majestically towering peaks, and an addictively friendly ambience, South Africa is an absolute heart-winner when we talk of holiday destinations. Making a journey to this 'Safari Capital of the world' and one of the most gorgeous pieces of land a true pleasure, is what strives for.

Since we value customer preferences the most, for every South African destination passengers are provided with an extensive list of internationally renowned airlines that offer the most competitive airfares coupled with the best travel quality. Amongst the most reputable airlines which offer cheapest South Africa airfares are the British Airways, South African Airways, Virgin Atlantic, KLM and Etihad airways.  Our cheap airfares for South Africa with Etihad airways are sold for as low as GBP 199, leveraging our passengers with both, affordability and luxury.

Whether you're looking for direct flights to South Africa from anywhere in the UK or prefer to fly through indirect flights, we make sure to fetch out the best airline flight deal for you. Our deals for direct flights to Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Sun City and other destinations are hand-picked from airlines including Virgin Atlantic, South African Airways and British Airways. When it comes to luxury, our passengers are blessed with such fortune as allows them an opulent yet extensively reasonable travel. Our Business class flights to South Africa remain the most sought-after deals.

South African Airways Flights to South Africa

Flights to South Africa with South African Airways

  • Cape Town from £ 709
  • Durban from £ 939
  • Johanneburg from £ 609
British Airways Flights to South Africa

Flights to South Africa with British Airways

  • Cape Town from £ 759
  • Johanneburg from £ 699
Virgin Atlantic Flights to South Africa

Flights to South Africa with Virgin Atlantic

  • Cape Town from £ 859
  • Durban from £ 1, 009
  • Johanneburg from £ 799
KLM Flights to South Africa

Flights to South Africa with KLM

  • Cape Town from £ 639
  • Durban from £ 729
  • Johanneburg from £ 499
Etihad Airways Flights to South Africa

Flights to South Africa with Etihad

  • Cape Town from £ 629
  • Durban from £ 719
  • Johanneburg from £ 599

Flights and Travel guide of South Africa

The country that is known for its diversity, its exquisite culture, its friendly people and its beautiful landscapes is the one and only South Africa. Whether it is mountains, grasslands, forests, deserts, lakes, rivers, South Africa has it all. With eleven national languages, South Africa is truly a diverse and a multi ethnic country that celebrates its multiculturalism in its constitution making it one of the most diverse countries in the world. South Africa is a country of both the colored and the white people and though the history of these two communities is marred with bloodshed and struggle, now however both ...

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